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5/9/12 – Delve into ’12 at NewAmerica.net
Maybe Washington Isn’t Doomed! See Elizabeth Weingarten’s mention that American Gridlock can solve the problems that are debated in congress.

5/8/12 – Absolute Return Letter
Niels Jensen of Absolute Return Partners, LLC, located in London, writes an article where Woody Brock is quoted extensively.

5/8/12 - New American Foundation
Woody explains to the New America Foundation why it was so necessary for him to include the mathematical equations at the back of his book.

5/3/12 - StreetTalkLive.com
Lance Roberts reviews Woody Brock’s presentation at the Strategic Investment Conference in Carlsbad, CA. and recommends American Gridlock as a “must read.”

5/3/12 - Investment Advisor
John Sullivan reviews Woody Brock’s presentation, “How to get out of the economic mess we’re in” at the Strategic Investment Conference in Carlsbad:

4/26/12 - Review in Princeton Alumni Weekly News
As Woody is a Princeton PhD alumnus, American Gridlock was granted a review in the alumni newsletter.

2/29/12 - Australian Financial Review
A review by Barry Dunstan, US Must Resolve Policy Gridlock.

2/22/12 – Project Syndicate
Lord Robert Skidelsky, Emeritus Professor of Political Economy at the University of Warwick in the UK writes an interesting review of Woody Brock’s book, combined with his own editorial relating to macroeconomics.

3/8/12 – New Statesman
Ed Smith reviewed American Gridlock in “New Statesman,” a magazine in the UK, read by politicians, academics and highly influential, educated opinion-formers.

4/7/12 – Silash Ruparell
Principal at Arch International Group in London, writes a review of American Gridlock on his blog, www.silashruparell.com.

3/26/12 – James G. Blaine
James G. Blaine, a writer, teacher and storyteller, begins a multi-part review of American Gridlock. Part 1 - The Deficit


8/24/12 – The Globalist
Despite the influence economists now wield over public policy, writes H. Woody Brock, many of the most pressing problems remain political in nature — and will require political solutions.

7/21/12 – Barron’s
A Supply-Side Solution for Healthcare.

6/6/12 – MarketWatch
A solution to America's political gridlock by H. Woody Brock.

1/30/12 - John Mauldin
Features Woody Brock’s American Gridlock Part 1 in his newsletter, Outside the Box.

2/6/12 - John Mauldin
Features American Gridlock Part 2 in Outside the Box

2/17/12 – FoxNews.com
See Woody Brock's American Gridlock opinion piece on FoxNews.com.

February 2012 - The Ambachtsheer Letter
Woody Brock’s Opus: Unconventional Thinking About Pension Management

2/3/12 – welling@weedin
Editor and publisher Kathryn Welling interviews Woody on topics from American Gridlock.

3/16/12 – MarketWatch
A plan to rebuild America's battered middle class, by H. Woody Brock.

2/10/12 – Huffington Post
Woody outlines concepts and solutions from his new book, American Gridlock.

2/21/12 – Advisor Perspectives
Woody is interviewed by Robert Huebscher - Solving America’s Fiscal Problems: Part 1

2/28/12 – Advisor Perspectives
Woody Brock on Healthcare Reform_and Trade Relations with China: Part 2

2/15/12 – Finanz und Wirtschaft
Article written in German from Finanz und Wirtschaft.


6/20/12 – CNBC Europe
Woody Brock appears on CNBC Europe and starts off saying “there is no way to fix the economy using the Fed.”

5/7/12 – New American Foundation
An event in Washington DC: “Leading economist and financial markets analyst H. Woody Brock offers new “win-win” policy prescriptions that transcend the current ideological divide.

3/22/12 – ADC Forum
Woody Brock speaks in Melbourne, Australia to a number of topics including; Healthcare, The Lost Decade, China and
Beyond Democratic Capitalism. (click on the topics to see each video)

3/3/12 – CNBC, Squawk Box Asia from Singapore
U.S. “Republicans have very little to offer,” says Woody Brock, and he goes on to say what the solutions are.

3/2/12 – Planet America (ABC News)
Woody Brock on Australia’s “Planet America” talks about how the U.S. must find a spending plan that works, why there’s a lost decade, and standing up to thugocracies (China) that take unfair advantage of the trade policies of the U.S.

2/28/12 - The Perret Report
Janine Perret introduces Woody Brook in Sydney, Australia as an economist that actually provides solutions to world economic problems. Scroll to the about the middle of this 30 minute program.

2/21/12 – “The Daily Ticker” - Yahoo’s #1 financial news show.
Host Aaron Task listens as Woody says, “Deficits Are Wonderful” and explains His $10 Trillion ‘Domestic Marshall Plan’.

2/16/12 – TheStreet.com
Woody says America needs a new Marshall Plan and less political infighting to fix its economic woes.

2/16/12 – Business Network News in Canada
Woody Brock talks about his new book, American Gridlock, on BNN.


2/1/13 - The Creating Wealth Show
Woody Brock joins Jason Hartman for an in-depth explanation of the financial health of our nation across social classes. Dr. Brock discusses the nation overall and then breaks it down into the rich, the middle class, and the poor.

7/9/12 - StreetTalk with Lance Roberts
According to Lance Roberts, this is a must listen interview on the impact of Obamacare, deficit spending and solutions to begin repairing the economy.

2/13/12 - Bloomberg Radio
Horace "Woody" Brock, author of American Gridlock, says "the great mistake" made by Congress is the thought that there is no middle ground. Brock talks with Bloomberg's Ken Prewitt and Tom Keene on Bloomberg Radio's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

2/3/12 - MoneyRadio 1510
Dr. Woody Brock outlined on Scottsdale’s “Business for Breakfast” program why the economy is the #1 big thing people will be talking about in the upcoming election. It’s not just American Gridlock in Washington where nothing is working, but the economy in the longer run that is a critical issue. Our nation faces $50 trillion in of Medicare and Social Security expenditures which it really cannot fund.

3/23/12 – On the Money
Woody Brock is interviewed on Steve Pomeranz’s on “On the Money” Radio Show and discusses what the “dialogue of the deaf” really means, how the media is most guilty of this, and how we put an end to this shouting match.

2/10/12 – George Jarkesy
Woody Brock talks about his book on George Jarkesy’s show: The 5 sensible solutions for getting our economy back on track.

2/2/12 - Michael Dresser
Woody and Michael discuss why Americans are insulted by the Left Wing vs. Right Wing, the Gridlock in Washington, and what can be done to stop it.

3/22/12 – MoneyRadio
Woody Brock speaks with Sinclair Noe on Money Radio about deductive logic, good debt vs. bad debt, and new ways of thinking. They then go on to discuss the issues that are really important for Americans moving forward.

1/18/12 - Gabe Wisdom
Woody chats with Gabe about why we have Gridlock in Washington today, what we can do about it, entitlement spending, the need for a new Marshall Plan, and whether President Obama will make a second term.

1/18/12 - Dr. Alvin Jones
Listen as Woody talks to Dr. Alvin about why he dedicated his book to his late father, what his company Strategic Economic Decisions does, and the 5 economic challenges currently facing the United States.